Temporary / Try & Hire / Payrolling

Temporary: sometimes, time is of the essence: unexpected staff dropout or short-term staffing needs... even holiday absences to be covered. Sometimes, projects simply require a lot of people for a limited time, ASAP. Try us - we're fast!

Try & Hire: we carefully pick candidates that fit your needs, who you can hire under a temporary contract via Stutz & Partner. You and the candidate can then benefit from a trial arrangement - and proceed to a full-time contract where appropriate. 

Payrolling: perhaps you've recruited staff on a temporary basis, but wish to outsource wage and salary administration due to the short length of employment and the associated costs. This option is also popular when head count restrictions prevents direct employment. Ask us for an offer!

We don't just look at credentials; we're interested in the people behind them. Trust us to find the right person for your profile.

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